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Businesses' printing needs have changed drastically in the last decade.  Little more than 10 years ago, the range of applications that companies would print from was pretty narrow.
In the intervening years, software has increased in capability.  Now we have internet commerce, e-mail to our phones, and specialized applications for every industry.  Once, it was just about printing from Word or WordPerfect.  Now it is about printing from CAD, MAS 90 accounting, specialized legal or medical software, and any number of other customizable applications.

Color has also had a large impact.  Not so long ago, we only put black on the page.  Now we can add millions of shades of color to create documents that make an impact.

The ironic thing is that while we ask our printers to do more and more, we also demand that the process cost less and less.
That is why we have partnered with Xerox for printers.  Laser printers were developed at the famed Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, and Xerox has been at the forefront ever since.
Furthermore, Xerox is a pioneer in Managed Print Solutions.  Customers put all their network printers (whether Xerox or other brands) on one contract, with flat per page billing for service and supplies so that they pay the same rate no matter how much toner they put on the page.

So whether it is printing something as simple as your e-mail, or complex reports from CAD, accounting, legal software, or even AS-400 inventory management applications, Xerox prints it well.